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Modelo de carta-convite para viagem ao Canadá (visita a familiares/amigo e turismo)

Posted by José Francisco V. Schuster em 05/06/2012

Toronto, (data)

To the Visa Department
Consulate General of Canada
São Paulo, Brazil

Re: Invitation letter

Dear officer:

Please, kindly accept this as an invitation letter for the tourist visa application for my (son/father/friend, etc.) (nome completo) holder of the Brazilian passport (número), a (profissão) at (nome da empresa), located in (cidade, sigla do estado), Brazil. The only purpose of this trip is visiting me and doing tourism in Canada.

(He/she) plans to arrive in Canada on (data) and leave on (data), accordingly to the attached plane ticket. During (his/her) stay, (Mr./Mrs.) (sobrenome) will be residing with me at my home, located at (rua, cidade, sigla da província, código postal).

Although (he/she) has enough funds to cover the cost of (his/her) trip, I am ready, in case of any extraordinary need, to offer support. I am a (Canadian citizen/permanent resident), born in Brazil, holder of the (Canadian passport/permanent resident card) (número), living in Canada since (ano), currently employed at (nome da empresa), located in (cidade, sigla da província), as a (profissão).

I will help my guest to board the plane back to Brazil on the above date, when (he/she) must be back to resume on (his/her) job.

Please, feel free to contact me if any further information is necessary, through my cell phone (número). The applicant can be contacted through his cell phone (número). (His/her) permanent address is (rua, número, código postal, cidade, sigla do estado), Brazil.

Thank you in advance on taking the time to consider this invitation letter and granting (him/her) a visa, allowing a visit which will make me very happy.



Enc.: plane ticket
copy of my (permanent resident card/identification page of my Canadian passport)

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