Brasileiros no Canadá

O jornal eletrônico da comunidade brasileira no Canadá

Brasileira concorre a deputada federal no Canadá pelo Partido Verde

Posted by José Francisco V. Schuster em 23/04/2011

Concorre pelo distrito eleitoral de Toronto-Danforth – o mesmo de Jack Layton, líder do NDP.

“Hi, my name is Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu. (…)

I joined the Green Party of Canada, revitalized the electoral district association as the CEO from 2005-2007 and started doing outreach. Since the 2006 election, I’ve been reaching out to the community, raising awareness of the climate crisis and promoting the policies necessary to address it. In response to the Province’s plan to build a power plant on the waterfront in Toronto-Danforth, I spearheaded the project to write A Realistic Energy Plan for Toronto, the only energy plan that eliminated the need for any new generation from fossil fuels. I was a founding member of the Toronto Energy Coalition, which fought the Portlands Energy Centre.(…)

Born in Brazil to a Ukrainian refugee mother and a Brazilian/Italian father, I speak fluent Ukrainian, Portuguese and English. Before motherhood, I studied Anthropology at the University of Toronto, including a year of study with native Kaingang and Guarani in Brazil. My children attend local French language public schools and speak Portuguese at home.”

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